Released January 18, 2022
Released June 27, 2020
Released August 25, 2017


RONIN.FM is an emcee and producer who currently resides in Long Beach, CA. I have released music under other names in the past (most notably as Ry-Man and Nonsequitor) but I eventually settled on Ronin.FM due to my independent drive to consistently make and release music throughout my life no matter what the circumstances are. Due to where I’m at in life, I am currently exploring the world of lofi and using creativity to overcome technological and budget limitations. In the past though, I have gone through numerous creative phases ranging from old school sample-based hip-hop while I was in the Bay Area to futuristic electronica while I was in New York City and Boston.

In addition to music, I am also an avid rock climber and surfer. I believe that having a strong connection to nature is essential to maintaining a healthy life and a healthy planet, and outdoor recreation is a great way to maintain this connection. Unfortunately, minorities like me hardly ever get to experience and benefit from this connection and I am committed to using my experience and resources to fix this issue.